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"I rhyme atomically and drop bombs philosphocally."

-Langston Mayo

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Langston Mayo


For years now, I have had the blessing of hosting Isolated Thoughts for the world to listen to. While I may prep, record, edit, and publish all on my own; It wouldn't feel right to say I run a one-man show. Because of the hundreds to thousands of people who may have listened once, downloaded every week, or joined the fam over on Patreon, you keep the show alive just as much as I do producing it.


Having had experience dating back to High School of recording media for closed-circuit TV, to hosting my own radio show in undergrad, I have always found a way to share and use the voice God gave me.


Whether it be music, film, tv, current events impacting our communities near or abroad; Having honest discourse to create awareness and provoke an elevation in our thinking, hopefully leaves a postive impact on how we engage with one another. 

We all have a purpose in this here life and part of mine is to help give people the tools they need to the best versions of themselves.

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